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I like to go by my scale also! 30 pounds is amazing! Hope to see you at the Race for the Cure.

Michelle Mallett

I know what you mean about the scale, David. When we went to the group meeting on Jan 20th, there was like a 2.9 lb difference from my scale at home. And I liked mine better! So when they rescheduled my appt from Feb 3rd to Feb 10th due to weather, I asked for the earliest possible appt instead of the latest. That morning I weighed myself at home like I do everyday--right out of bed, unclothed. I did not eat or drink anything until AFTER my appt. When they weighed me at the center, it was only a 1 lb difference, so I account that for my clothes. So what I'm saying is YOUR SCALE AT HOME IS PROBABLY ACCURATE, TOO. I know being a teacher, you probably take the late appt so you have to keep in mind your clothes and having eaten that day will affect your weight on their scale. I know they are going by the scale at the center for the 'OFFICIAL' tracking, but even 26 lbs in 5 wks is FANTABULOUS!!!!!!! You rock! Glad no pressure meds, and I sure do feel you on the diabetes meds. The day the doctor told me a few years ago that I was diabetic, I called my husband crying. I never thought I would deal with that health issue. It's an eye opener. But you're on the right track---keep up the good work. Still hoping to meet you soon.

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